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Steve Bandi and Ashley Matoka’s Wedding Reception at Laube Hall in Freeport, Pennsylvania

Steve Bandi and Ashley Matoka celebrated their wedding day on Saturday, June 9, 2018, in a 3:00 wedding ceremony, located at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Cabot, Pennsylvania.

Their reception, located at Laube Hall in Freeport, immediately followed.

While Ashley and Steve, along with their bridal party and parents, shared photo session time with photographer, Bethany Boarts, owner of
Wedding By Bethany, their guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and conversation.

Introductions began in fun fashion, with parents and the bridal party entering to “Party Rock Anthem’”, by LMFAO.  Steve and Ashley then made their grand entrance, accompanied by their guests’ cheering and foot stomping, to “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”!

Following introductions, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, dancing to their chosen song, “From This Moment”, by Shania Twain.

After dinner, which was excellently prepared by Fairground Market, the traditional cutting of the wedding cake took place, with “Sugar”, by Maroon 5 playing in the background.

Ashley then shared a special dance with her dad, Bill, dancing together to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.  Next, Steve and his mom, Glenna, shared a special moment, dancing together to “A Mother’s Song”, by T. Carter.

Ashley and Steve, along with their bridal party, then opened up the dance floor to all of their guests with “Let’s Get It Started”, by the Black Eyed Peas.

I had such a blast with Steve and Ashley and it was a pleasure to be included in their wedding day! Their evening of fun and dancing concluded with their family and all of their wonderful friends joining them on the dance floor, accompanied by, “We Are Young”, by FUN.

Please join me in wishing Ashley and Steve all the best in their new life together!

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