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Brandon Jurysta and Julianne Thomas’s Wedding Day at North Park Lodge in Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Congratulations to Brandon Jurysta and Julianne Thomas, who exchanged vows on Saturday, November 11, 2017.  The 4:00 ceremony, officiated by Sandra Monahan, of Weddings Without Worries, took place at North Park Lodge, in Allison Park, Pennsylvania.

Upon the conclusion of their ceremony, Julianne and Brandon, along with their bridal party and parents, shared photo session time with photographer Trista Sholes, owner of Trista Rene Photography, while their guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and conversation.

Once the photo session concluded, introductions began, with parents and the bridal party entering to “Howlin For You”, by The Black Keys.  Julianne and Brandon then made their grand entrance to “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”, by Jim Johnston.

After dinner, which was excellently prepared by the staff of Fairground Market, the traditional cutting of the wedding cake took place, while “Crash Into Me”, by the Dave Matthews Band, played in the background.

After the cake cutting, Brandon and Julianne shared their first dance together as husband and wife, accompanied by their chosen song, “Pistol”, by Dustin Kensure.

Julianne then shared a special dance with her dad, Bryan, dancing together to a special mix of  “Landslide” and “Gypsy”, by Fleetwood Mac.

Brandon and his mom, Mary Jo, followed, sharing their special moment, accompanied by “I’ll Always Be Your Mom”, by Aimee Zimmerman.  His step mom, Patty, then joined in, dancing to “The Man You’ve Become”, by No Limitz.

Special dances concluded with the bridal party coming together on the dance floor, accompanied by “Wonderful Tonight”, by Eric Clapton, which opened up the floor for all their guests.

Their evening of fun and dancing concluded with their family and all of their wonderful friends joining them on the dance floor, accompanied by their chosen final song, “Closing Time”, by Semisonic.

I had an absolute blast with Julianne and Brandon and it was a true pleasure to be included in their wedding day!

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