Photo Montage on DVDA photo montage created by Red Hot Chameleon Entertainment is a wonderful addition to any occasion…at an affordable price!

Presented in DVD format, Red Hot Chameleon Entertainment professionally edits and assembles your favorite photographs, set to the music of your choice, utilizing the latest in state of the art software technology.

The finished production is then presented on your special day employing a digital projector on a huge 5 foot high x 7 foot wide video screen! Each photo is displayed for approximately 5 seconds. Then, as one photo fades out, the next photo smoothly fades in using a variety of special effects such as circular wipes, spirals, cross fades, implodes, starbursts and dissolves.

Our expertise allows us to add backgrounds and layering and also offers a choice of over 280 transitions, making your presentation truly one of a kind.

Your photo montage is a great way to share special memories with family and friends and is extremely affordable! Of course, the DVD is yours to keep and share with others for years to come!

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Please contact us for more information regarding this truly unique service offered by Red Hot Chameleon Entertainment!